Dangerous Goods (DG) Cargo

Dangerous Goods (DG) Cargo movements to all over the world.

We have a special team for DG packing and documentation. We have as assortment of U.N. Certified Boxes (Fiberboard. Plywood etc) that meet all regulations for your Dangerous Goods packing and shipping needs, We have drums and jerricans in different sizes and capacities, made of stainless steel, HDPE high density polyethylene, fiberboard, recovery and also we have different types of Inner Packaging such as Tinplate Drums, Aluminum Bottles. Low and High density Polyethylene Bottles, Glass Winchester Bottles, Glass Powder Jars, Glass Bottles Boston Round etc. We carry all classes of labels and placards, as well as special shipping labels and shipping forms including the revised Shipper’s Declaration for Dangerous Goods.