Hazmat Logistics

Logistics Of Chemicals, Hazardous Material

Hazmat Logistics is a professional logistics company specialized in the logistics of chemicals, Hazardous Material & odd dimensional cargo. Transporting Dangerous goods around the world has always been a complex procedure. Our staffs are trained to be fully conversant with all the latest rules and regulations for packaging, labeling, documentation and worldwide import/export procedures for transport of dangerous goods. We work in strict compliance with relevant local and international rules and regulations, established Safety Management Systems, etc.
We are committed to ensure the protection of the employees, the public, the property, the equipment, the materials and the environment from accidental losses. We shall strive to eliminate any identified hazards which may result in fires, personnel injury / illnesses, damages to property, equipment, hazardous material spillage / leakage and damages to the environment. The control of the accidental losses shall be the direct responsibility of the management and the employees by adhering to the established safety procedures, safe operating methodology and safety philosophy.